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Bachelor, (Research) Master or PhD?

Are you interested in an undergraduate (Bachelor) degree, a (post)graduate (Master) degree, or a Research Master / PhD?

Bachelor's programs

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  • Program in which you gain in-depth knowledge of the workings of the human brain and the workings of computers capable of intelligent behavior.

  • Joint Bachelor of Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology in which you learn to analyze the large amounts of data that drive today's businesses.

  • Focuses on understanding how to formulate mathematical and statistical models in relation to problems in economics and business, and using and applying these models to real business issues to actualise effective solutions.  

  • Provides a solid foundation for students who have an aptitude for Economics, covering the core topics found in economics (micro, macro, financial, statistics, etcetera).

  • Develop into an innovative entrepreneur or intrapreneur: get ready to start your own business or become the driving force of change within an existing company or corporation.

  • A unique transnational program which teaches about the major legal systems in the world and prepares for a legal career in a setting where multiple legal systems come together.

  • Broad, multidisciplinary social science program, which educates and trains you to manage projects and people within projects that target complex, societal problems in an international context.

  • Provides a broad foundation for students who want to pursue a career in an international business environment, covering the four basic topics Marketing, Management, Accounting and Finance.  

  • Small-scale program in which you study the ever-changing role of art, culture, and online media in society. 

  • Study the human side of business (people management) and focus on the performance and efficiency of organizations as well as the well-being of employees.

  • Central to this program are questions related to consumer behavior, work and organizational behavior and decision-making in social, economic and organizational contexts.

  • Study the relationship between individuals, groups and society, learn to understand social problems, and specialize in the analysis of social phenomena in the modern world.

  • Learn to give meaning to the world around you by delving into religious studies, sociology, psychology, philosophy, history and the Bible in its original languages.

  • Offers you a unique opportunity to attain a specialized qualification in one of five Majors (Business, Law, Humanities, Social Sciences and Cognitive Neuroscience), combined with a broad and interdisciplinary education in the liberal arts.  

BA = Bachelor of Arts | BSc = Bachelor of Science | LLB = Bachelor of Laws

Master’s programs

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  • Communication & Digital Sciences

  • Humanities

    • Culture Studies

    • Philosophy

  • Data Science

  • Economics & Management

  • Law

  • Social & Behavioral Sciences

  • Theology

LLM = Master of Laws | MA = Master of Arts | MSc = Master of Science

Research Master’s / PhD programs

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